Hello everyone, how have we been? Today I will be sharing a very new topic. Well, not really new. It is “Pinterest”. Pinterest is a social service that allows users to create and manage carefully arranged image collections.  It is like connecting things you find interesting and then make the world see them.

Each user can make theme based image boards, tweaking them with images found online and using the “Pin it” button or uploaded from a computer. Each uploaded item is called a “Pin”. It could be a picture, a video or a discussion. Pinterest can be accessed by adding the “Pin it” button to the desktop bookmark bar, “follow me” and “pin it” buttons added to personal websites or blog pages.

  • Registration

Registration might be a bit difficult, as many of us knew when Google plus arrived, we had to be invited to actually have full access to the features and benefits. Yes, Pinterest is in the same mould. You get invitation from already registered users or directly from the Pinterest website. The registration process is simple as you can link your Pinterest account with your Facebook or twitter account.

  • Catchy or not?

Well, from my experience and reviews, Pinterest has a beautiful and attractive look and very easy to use. Lately, it is becoming a business model as it is emerging rapidly than some other social networks. Most of the content on Pinterest is about products like furniture, clothes, books and so on… The way they are arranged makes it like a very attractive catalogue and a great social experience.

What to like about Pinterest

  • Organized Inspiration: Pinterest is like the inspiration board you have in your room but this is more organized. You can upload a certain image and then on later days, find a similar image and then pin it to that specific board. The interface is easy to understand and no matter your interests, making boards will never be a problem.
  • Easy Pinning: Once you set up your Pinterest account, you will be given the steps to take in installing the “Pin it” button on your web browser. You can use this button to add a picture to your board from any website you are visiting. You can also “re-pin” your pin just like twitter’s “Retweet”.
  • Easy sharing: There is also the fact that you can share very easily on Pinterest. You can share with twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

What not to like about Pinterest

  • It is a time sucker: It takes just one visit to the Pinterest site and you will understand the reason why it is really time taking. Presently we already have social network sites that distract us and keep us up at odd hours. So if you get an addiction to this, don’t say I didn’t tell you.
  • Copyright and violations: Pinterest is a copyright nightmare for artists, photographers, bloggers, and anyone else who is interested in protecting their images from being used improperly. Pinterest members often make the mistake of pinning images they find online without giving credit to the source and linking back to its original site. Although there is the advantage of the image being linked to the source if you “pinned: the image from a website.
  • Lack of privacy settings: Pinterest banks on your interest in sharing with others and makes it nearly impossible to have a private profile. Your pinboards are open for the world to see and vice-versa. To make matters worse, users who create their Pinterest profiles through Facebook will automatically follow people with common connections because the site now has access to your online information.

For our regular visitors, there was a recent post on Instagram which is very similar to Pinterest. As we can see, social networks will always be around for a while, they aren’t going anywhere. Do we join all? Well, the real catch of Pinterest is that it can be used as a business avenue, you can sell your pins.It is fun, it is creative and interesting. Well, am going to Pin, pin and Pin on my board!

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Hi people, as many of us that are internet regulars, you might have heard about what I will be sharing in this post. But if you are not internet lovers like we are, it is the free app available on iTunes called “Instagram”.

Instagram is an app that presents to you a fun and quick way to share your life with friends and loved ones through a series of pictures. It is simple; take a picture with your iPhone or your iPod, choose any of the filters available to edit and transform the look and the feel of the shot into a very good picture to keep in memories for a long time.

Instagram Logo

Getting started

The first thing you do after installing Instagram is to create an Instagram account. Currently, you can’t sign in with your facebook or twitter account as most services nowadays are doing. You have to open an account with them, which will need you to enter your email address, user name and optionally your phone number and a photo. You can search for friends through Facebook or twitter. It searches for your friends and followers on those social sites and gives you the option to “follow” them.

The exciting thing about Instagram is that the CEO and founder is a former twitter staff, and there are also rumours that an ex- Facebook staff is also in the fold; so you will have the feel of a twitter site and UI. You will have to “follow” the activities of a friend and also, you will see the UI of the followers and who you are following.


Once you take a photo on an iPod or iPhone, a scrollable gallery of effects appears along the bottom of the screen. They are useful and exciting as you will be able to resize the pictures to fit into the compulsory square that Instagram demands. After editing and tweaking your picture, you can then choose how you want to share it. There are different choices, which include sharing to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr.

Whenever any of your social contacts clicks the entry, a webpage designed by Instagram opens and then the person can view your pictures. There are also options to comment on the picture or “heart” it. The time of upload is also shown at the top of the photo. You also have the option of viewing popular pictures and a stream to show photos just uploaded. There is also provision to set your photo stream to private so that only users you approve can see it, but there is no option for private messaging.

The Positives

The ease in checking through other people that have liked or commented on a picture that you have been interested in poses an addiction to this application, so there is a tendency for a widespread usage.

The Negatives

Currently, there are no Android, Blackberry, Windows or iPad versions. It is limited to iPods and iPhones from iOS 3.12 and above. The final picture output are small in size, as there are strict small boxes the pictures have to fit into.

For iPad owners, there is an Instagram browser for iPads, called Instapad which you will be able to sign into Instagram and view the pictues on a larger screen. A screenshot of the Instapad is shown below:


Bottom Line

Instagram combines a handful of photo effects with a photo-based social networking niche. Flickr might not be common in this part of the world, but reviews have adviced that we shouldn’t expect that Instagram will take over flickr soon. But in fairness, we should give it up to the Instagram team, as they have redefined photo effects and editing, thereby making us create memorable pictures we want to keep for a long time to come.

So if you have an Ipod touch or an iPhone with iOS 3.12 and higher, you can get it. IT IS FREE, Download here

For Instapad for iPad, you can download here

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