The whole world has considerably gone digital. Everything now involves information and communications technology; from social media to advertising to public relations to education to business – the list is endless. Everyone; partners, prospects and customers are embracing digital technologies. This can be attributed to some of the following reasons

  • Massive rise in connectivity and communication
  • Benefits of mobile devices
  • Convenience of cloud-based services
  • Consumers spend more time online
  • Easier & cheaper accessto information
  • Reduced cost of accomplishing more task

There is now a hustle/competition by producers and consumers to have the best digital devices to solve one problem or the other. It’s no more just about the technology involved but also about the efficiency it offers, in terms of durability, ease-of-carriage and so on.

But these benefits come with increasing threats.

We will deal with the issue of safety today – viruses, spywares, phishing attacks,malicious software, hackers… WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU?2Digital trends evolve daily, so professionals and equally everyone are faced with challenges and opportunities.No one can afford to remain ignorant of these trends.


An anti-virus is a computer software used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software. Most antiviruses of today provide real-time/ automatic protection through regular scanning and monitoring of your system. It guards the system when any process is running.

There are a lot of good antiviruses like Norton, Bit-Defender, Kaspersky, …

Things To Look Out For When Choosing Antivirus

  1. False Positives/ False Alarm: When an anti-virus identifies a non-malicious file as malware. If it is configured to delete such file immediately, it may be difficult to recover it and also incur technical support costs.
  2. Unexpected Renewal Costs: In the license agreement of some antivirus, it is written that the subscription will be automatically renewed. So, once you don’t unsubscribe before the specified expiry date, the purchaser’s credit card will be automatically billed.
  3. The amount of resources it uses, i.e. how it slows done your systems
  4. Ease of use .i.e. Friendly user-interface
  5. Technical Support
  6. Efficiency in virus removal

P . S. In my honest opinion, Antivirus softwares are all the same and peoples taste differ. You need to update always. But the best is the one that takes the least possible memory and keep you safe.


Things to consider when buying a mobile phone

With the speed at which cell phone technology improves, changes, and updates, it is no wonder that buying a cell phone can seem a bit overwhelming. The choices are seemingly endless. A cell phone has become an important part of everyday life for most people. Apart from the fact that it is the easiest way to stay in touch with family, friends, and work, a cell phone can also function as a camera, a social networking device, personal music player, a GPS system, a gaming station, as well as a constant connection to the Internet. It seems that cell phones are becoming more and more necessary to our everyday existence.

There are basically two different types of cell phones to buy: smartphones and feature phones. In order to narrow down the options, there are a few things that buyers should consider, such as their budget, which carrier they wish to go with, the type of operating system they prefer, as well as any preferred features. A cell phone can be purchased from a wide variety of stores, including online cell phone stores.
Once buyers decide whether they wish to purchase a smartphone or a feature phone, they should then consider a few other factors to help narrow down the search, such as budget, carrier, and operating system. It is tempting to buy a phone simply based on its features, but it is important to choose a phone that is affordable, gets good service, and has an operating system that supports the user’s needs. Once those factors have been considered, then buyers can have fun selecting a phone based on its bells and whistles.
Buying a cell phone does not have to be a daunting task. By considering a few basic points, buyers can find the right cell phone to meet their budget and requirements. Decide on a carrier, choose which operating system one prefers, then move on to looking at additional phone features. By following these steps, a buyer can sift their way through the vast selection of cell phones available on the market today. Buyers are able to purchase their new cell phone at a number of different brick-and-mortar stores, including specialty phone stores, department stores, as well as dedicated carrier stores.

phone infographics.jpg

Things to consider when getting a new PC

It used to be, you could get by without owning a computer. Not so anymore. Today, you have to have a computer to perform basic daily functions, from connecting with family and friends via text, email, and video chat, to accessing online school content and emailing teachers, to getting your entertainment fix by watching movies or listening to music. But before you buy your first laptop, the first thing you should do is narrow down your selection by looking at some of the best laptops around. For help, click over to the Intel Product Finder to find the best laptop for you. Here is one of the few things to take into consideration to help you identify the laptop that’s best for you.
Your computer’s processor is critical to what you’ll be able to do with it. Just like you’d never buy a car without finding out what it’s got under the hood—specifically, how powerful its engine is—you should never get a computer (Ultrabook™ convertible, laptop, all-in-one PC, or tablet) without first ensuring that you’ve got a processor fast and powerful enough to handle what you plan to throw at it.

Let’s consider another scenerio of a good athelete. If he is allowed to run with miniatures, he would definitely beat them to a large distance. But assuming he is given some extra luggage to carry and asked to compete again with the same people he ran with. This time he may win again, or maybe not, due to the weight he now carries.
But a very good athlete should be able to still win because during his years of training he must have learnt how to fight for the price despite anything that may want to slow him down.

The same applies to the processor and RAM. You should go for a PC that can store a lot of your files – high memory and still run at maximum speed – good processorlaptop-infographic-design.png