Good Morning 🙂
So Ermmm this space as been dry of posts for a long time
Well people we are back, better and we promise a lot new posts that you all can relate to 🙂

So today’s Post

We all know this Dictionary App —>

Hehe Stop Hating... i am Awesome :)

Hehe Stop Hating… i am Awesome 🙂

Well yesterday I reloaded my Blackberry Os
And downloaded the App back Lo and Behold… There was an update of the App… Yay!!! And then I downloaded and 😦 I found out it was just a Web launcher which is just like googling the meaning of the “word u need to search for”…

What it does is that it takes u to a link where you can now search for the “word”

What happened to our cool and wonderful app 😦 so I checked throu the review and a lot of people were complaining about the upgrade

So I found a Link to the old Version and I decided to share as most pple may be having a problem with it also

Link to the Old Version of —>

But if you really want the upgrade then go to your BB Apps World 🙂

It’s your boy Ayob Alariwo 🙂 @Ayob_

For Tech issues/Solutions Holla 25eba9ec or @DaShawnEnt on twitter

DaShawn Enterprise your All Round IT Solutions Company


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