Tablets have been the “in thing” for the past months and we can promise you that there will be improvement in this aspect in the bid to overcome the use of personal computers in form of notebooks and netbooks, but as of now, millions of PCs are still shipped all over the world. As many of us that have had the opportunity to have used a tablet can attest to the fact that we still have to go back to our laptops to do certain things. Different companies have been heading in this direction, as we see examples in Apple, Samsung, and Google.

As we all know about the buzz of windows 8 coming out, we have had our hands on the developer preview and I just have to say that I am impressed with Microsoft. I believe they are on the right track in competing in the market.

Microsoft will be integrating the windows 8 operating system into tablets to give the same experience of windows 8. To be candid, Microsoft faces a huge task in competing with Apple and Samsung. No matter the court tussle going on between the pair, it doesn’t deter them to a point that Microsoft will take over the market. We have listed some competition Microsoft will be facing this year.

 1.   Apple

What apple has done in the tablet market leaves other tablet manufacturers trying to catch up. Steve Jobs has actually left a legacy which will always be a lesson to other aspiring makers like Microsoft. The ipad leads the way any day, any time in terms of stability, durability and efficiency. With the new services to be introduced soon, e.g. integration of iTunes and the tablet version of Photoshop, these services will be something Microsoft has to beat.

Though most users complain about the ipad being too rigid, I think apple has done a fine job in their tablet market. Their sales figures can attest to that. With Apple planning on a release of the ipad 3, I think Microsoft’s focus should be trying to compete with the next tablet apple is going to release and not, use the ipad 2 a yardstick.

 2.   Android

Google still has a long way in replicating its success in smart phones with android tablets, but the release of Honeycomb 3.2 made an impact. There is also the release of the Ice Cream Sandwich, 4.0, which is a greater improvement. Android tablets are in many sizes, with keyboard that slides out from the bottom of the screen and active digitized pen which can be used for writing and drawing on the screen. Android also has thousands of apps available in the “android market”, making the tablet experience more fun and exciting. As I said earlier, you can’t do all with these tablets, but with an efficient web browser, you can do a large portion of your task with a battery that can last a full day. Windows 8 tablets will have to do a lot more, especially in the aspect of battery life. I want to believe that if windows can have access to great apps, and can boast of a good battery for their tablet, they can compete in the market.

3.   Blackberry

It is no news that Blackberry had a huge drop in sales and their tablet, the Playbook hasn’t made so much impression as the ipad, even the android tablets have overcome the Blackberry Playbook. Research shows that Rim and Microsoft have a similar plan for their upcoming operating systems. They promise tablets running on ARM processors, with hardware graphics acceleration that promises impressive gaming, a unified operating system allowing developers to more easily target both tablets and phones, offering HTML5 for browsing and applications and a new 3D framework with fluid and cool animation effects.

Overall, they have done a pretty good job. I love the new change. But, there is still room for improvement.

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4 thoughts on “WINDOWS 8 TABLET BATTLE

    • Well, the Hp tablet is cool, looking at the fact that it comes with a 1.2GHz processor speed with 1GB of ram. I wonder why it never really made the market, i am thinking maybe the application base. It has a reasonable battery life with 9 hours of video playback and the webos 3.0 interface is really nice. The browser has a little glitch with certain sites. It supports flash, no doubt, but some sites take time to open in it. I also heard about the mini ipad rumour. Do we all think that is gonna happen? I think we should keep our fingers crossed. I think i would welcome the idea, as it will be really handy.

    • Yes sir, a tablet will always need a laptop to complete its functions. I guess we all have to use both, then again, i think i will prefer to carry a tablet around all day and go back to my laptop at night…..

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