Android is a linux based operating system that was developed by Android Inc. in 2005 and was bought over by the software giant Google, who launched it in the year 2007. Ever since, it has grown into a phenomenon.


1.   Open Source Software

Android OS is open source software which makes it available for different developers to be able to improve and work on the available source codes released by Google. This is the main reason why we have different third party companies, e.g. Samsung, ASUS, Dell, etc. tweak the OS released by Google to their own taste and like.

2.   Apps

For anything to be done there is an application for it.  Be it in the productivity section, entertainment, sports, etc. Till date, there are about 40, 000 apps in android market, and all have been downloaded up to about 10 billion times. This can be compared to the Apple Appstore, which has lots and lots of applications also.

3.   Hardware

Many gadget giants like Samsung, HTC, Motorola and the likes have all delved into the android OS scenery, tweaking the operating system to suite all their different mobile devices. Some even made them into tablets for everyday use. The introduction of android OS has helped give flexibility and options to buyers and geeks, in choosing any gadget that will suit their needs and styles. All the OS needs is for the hardware to meet its minimum requirements.

4.  Software

Android OS beats any other mobile OS in this aspect as there is an issue of multitasking. Android OS can multitask in a way that most mobile operating systems can’t. There is also an added advantage of the OS being able to sync mails, messages, etc once the device is connected to a computer.


1.   Hardware Limitation

From experience, I have seen android OS freezing, just because there is a limitation on the hardware of the device it is being run. The memory needed by the OS sometimes exceeds the memory available on the device. This is quite annoying, but a good device from one of the device giants, have gone under quality tests and hence, might not experience the freezing.

2.  Poor Battery

Android devices have turned out to be worse than blackberry devices in the area of battery. Google and other third party companies are looking really into this situation. Hopefully, it will be done soon.

With this laid out points, I think you will be able to make a decision on android devices. Till today, most people still prefer android devices. You can also join the band.


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8 thoughts on “ANDROID PROS AND CONS

  1. Really feeling the issue of battery life on my android phone… especially when using the 3G/HSDPA browsing and having data sync enabled. There are some measures that can be employed to squeeze more time from your battery but something needs to be done about it. From reading reviews, it seems most newer android phones seem to have better power management though.

    • The 3G/HSDPA browsing really causes a lot of issues with the battery. Ice cream sandwich was actually tested on a galaxy nexus S and it was very bad. An update is being worked on though to fix this issue. The 4.0.3 update, hopefully will help to fix the issue. Android is fun, exciting, and the interface of ice cream sandwich is simply great!!!

    • The galaxy nexus S actually has the extra battery fitting with the initial 4.0, which recorded poor battery life. But the 4.0.3 has a better battery management

  2. Ermmm u can’t really say Andriod has bad battery life… Becos dere is not specific fone or tablet made by the andriod makers (google) cos andriod is just like an OS… So I disagree with u on dat sir 🙂 #OkBye

    • Each operating system has its battery management function. Each OS works hand in hand with the hardware. Android’s battery management is just not as efficient as we want them to be. The issue might still be the amount of applications running concurrently. But we still love it though. *wink*

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