The whole world has considerably gone digital. Everything now involves information and communications technology; from social media to advertising to public relations to education to business – the list is endless. Everyone; partners, prospects and customers are embracing digital technologies. This can be attributed to some of the following reasons

  • Massive rise in connectivity and communication
  • Benefits of mobile devices
  • Convenience of cloud-based services
  • Consumers spend more time online
  • Easier & cheaper accessto information
  • Reduced cost of accomplishing more task

There is now a hustle/competition by producers and consumers to have the best digital devices to solve one problem or the other. It’s no more just about the technology involved but also about the efficiency it offers, in terms of durability, ease-of-carriage and so on.

But these benefits come with increasing threats.

We will deal with the issue of safety today – viruses, spywares, phishing attacks,malicious software, hackers… WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU?2Digital trends evolve daily, so professionals and equally everyone are faced with challenges and opportunities.No one can afford to remain ignorant of these trends.


An anti-virus is a computer software used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software. Most antiviruses of today provide real-time/ automatic protection through regular scanning and monitoring of your system. It guards the system when any process is running.

There are a lot of good antiviruses like Norton, Bit-Defender, Kaspersky, …

Things To Look Out For When Choosing Antivirus

  1. False Positives/ False Alarm: When an anti-virus identifies a non-malicious file as malware. If it is configured to delete such file immediately, it may be difficult to recover it and also incur technical support costs.
  2. Unexpected Renewal Costs: In the license agreement of some antivirus, it is written that the subscription will be automatically renewed. So, once you don’t unsubscribe before the specified expiry date, the purchaser’s credit card will be automatically billed.
  3. The amount of resources it uses, i.e. how it slows done your systems
  4. Ease of use .i.e. Friendly user-interface
  5. Technical Support
  6. Efficiency in virus removal

P . S. In my honest opinion, Antivirus softwares are all the same and peoples taste differ. You need to update always. But the best is the one that takes the least possible memory and keep you safe.


Things to consider when buying a mobile phone

With the speed at which cell phone technology improves, changes, and updates, it is no wonder that buying a cell phone can seem a bit overwhelming. The choices are seemingly endless. A cell phone has become an important part of everyday life for most people. Apart from the fact that it is the easiest way to stay in touch with family, friends, and work, a cell phone can also function as a camera, a social networking device, personal music player, a GPS system, a gaming station, as well as a constant connection to the Internet. It seems that cell phones are becoming more and more necessary to our everyday existence.

There are basically two different types of cell phones to buy: smartphones and feature phones. In order to narrow down the options, there are a few things that buyers should consider, such as their budget, which carrier they wish to go with, the type of operating system they prefer, as well as any preferred features. A cell phone can be purchased from a wide variety of stores, including online cell phone stores.
Once buyers decide whether they wish to purchase a smartphone or a feature phone, they should then consider a few other factors to help narrow down the search, such as budget, carrier, and operating system. It is tempting to buy a phone simply based on its features, but it is important to choose a phone that is affordable, gets good service, and has an operating system that supports the user’s needs. Once those factors have been considered, then buyers can have fun selecting a phone based on its bells and whistles.
Buying a cell phone does not have to be a daunting task. By considering a few basic points, buyers can find the right cell phone to meet their budget and requirements. Decide on a carrier, choose which operating system one prefers, then move on to looking at additional phone features. By following these steps, a buyer can sift their way through the vast selection of cell phones available on the market today. Buyers are able to purchase their new cell phone at a number of different brick-and-mortar stores, including specialty phone stores, department stores, as well as dedicated carrier stores.

phone infographics.jpg

Things to consider when getting a new PC

It used to be, you could get by without owning a computer. Not so anymore. Today, you have to have a computer to perform basic daily functions, from connecting with family and friends via text, email, and video chat, to accessing online school content and emailing teachers, to getting your entertainment fix by watching movies or listening to music. But before you buy your first laptop, the first thing you should do is narrow down your selection by looking at some of the best laptops around. For help, click over to the Intel Product Finder to find the best laptop for you. Here is one of the few things to take into consideration to help you identify the laptop that’s best for you.
Your computer’s processor is critical to what you’ll be able to do with it. Just like you’d never buy a car without finding out what it’s got under the hood—specifically, how powerful its engine is—you should never get a computer (Ultrabook™ convertible, laptop, all-in-one PC, or tablet) without first ensuring that you’ve got a processor fast and powerful enough to handle what you plan to throw at it.

Let’s consider another scenerio of a good athelete. If he is allowed to run with miniatures, he would definitely beat them to a large distance. But assuming he is given some extra luggage to carry and asked to compete again with the same people he ran with. This time he may win again, or maybe not, due to the weight he now carries.
But a very good athlete should be able to still win because during his years of training he must have learnt how to fight for the price despite anything that may want to slow him down.

The same applies to the processor and RAM. You should go for a PC that can store a lot of your files – high memory and still run at maximum speed – good processorlaptop-infographic-design.png


Good Morning 🙂
So Ermmm this space as been dry of posts for a long time
Well people we are back, better and we promise a lot new posts that you all can relate to 🙂

So today’s Post

We all know this Dictionary App —>

Hehe Stop Hating... i am Awesome :)

Hehe Stop Hating… i am Awesome 🙂

Well yesterday I reloaded my Blackberry Os
And downloaded the App back Lo and Behold… There was an update of the App… Yay!!! And then I downloaded and 😦 I found out it was just a Web launcher which is just like googling the meaning of the “word u need to search for”…

What it does is that it takes u to a link where you can now search for the “word”

What happened to our cool and wonderful app 😦 so I checked throu the review and a lot of people were complaining about the upgrade

So I found a Link to the old Version and I decided to share as most pple may be having a problem with it also

Link to the Old Version of —>

But if you really want the upgrade then go to your BB Apps World 🙂

It’s your boy Ayob Alariwo 🙂 @Ayob_

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Acer Aspire S5 Review

Hi people, welcome to today’s post. Today, I will be bringing to you a gadget review, a laptop review to be specific. I will be giving you the review of Acer Aspire S5. The Acer Aspire S5, aka the Aspire S5-391-9880 is an ultrabook…a sleek laptop, awesomely designed and beautifully created. 

I will be giving a little insight into the laptop…specs and pictures, and I hope I can convince you that it is a laptop you can work with, if you are a regular or a multimedia user or even a traveler (more). This gadget was displayed at the CES show earlier this year, and the results are as promised.

PROCESSOR 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 processor (IvyBridge)
MEMORY (RAM) 4GB DDR3 dual channel memory
GRAPHICS  Intel HD Graphics 4000
SCREEN SIZE 13.3-inch HD widescreen Cine Crystal LED-backlit display at 1366 x 768 pixel resolution
WEIGHT 1.35kg
PORTS USB 3.0, HDMI, Thunderbolt, all under a motorized dropdown tray
BATTERY 2310 mAh battery (6.5 hours)
OS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

 I will be reviewing under 4 headings; Design, Components, Thunderbolt and Outlook.


Like all ultrabooks, the Aspire S5 is designed to take up as little space in your bag as possible. You’ll appreciate that reduced size and weight if you’re dragging the S5 around all day. This is a gadget to take a close look at if you travel a lot. With most ultrabooks boasting extremely similar specs, the design and build quality is probably the most important thing for these little laptops to get right.

The S5 boasts a magnesium-alloy casing and a brushed effect to add a dash of class. It looks slightly less like a MacBook Air than other ultrabooks we’ve seen, lathered as it is in a sultry black. Acer reckons the Aspire S5 is a wizard when it comes to handling power. That means it’ll resume in 1.5 seconds, ending the medieval nightmare of waiting tens of seconds for your laptop to return to an operational state.

If you fancy, you can also wake up the S5 with your smart phone using a tool called Acer Always Connect. This feature also collects social updates from Facebook, Twitter and Outlook and shows you them when the PC resumes.

The USB 3.0, HDMI and thunderbolt ports are hidden under a motorized drop down case that comes out at a touch of a button at the side of the keyboard. Cool yea?


With an Intel COre i7 Ivy Bridge Processor, the S5 is powerful enough to handle multi-tasking without breaking a sweat. Storage comes courtesy of an SSD drive, which is faster than a traditional mechanical hard drive, and less likely to break should you drop your laptop.


Unusually, the Aspire S5 contains a Thunderbolt port, of the kind normally found on Apple computers like the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. That allows for extremely speedy 20Gbps data transfer, though at the moment there aren’t many Thunderbolt accessories and they tend to be expensive.

Other ports include USB 3.0 and HDMI, all concealed within a hidden compartment below the Aspire S5’s hinge, which pops out when you press a button to the right of the keyboard.

Hiding the ports at the back makes the S5 look sleeker around the sides, but the individual slots are a little harder to reach as a result.


The Thunderbolt port is a tempting feature, and the dimensions certainly make it highly portable. But with so many rival ultrabooks out there, the S5 will need to impress in our benchmark tests in order to stand out.

How alluring the S5 proves to be will also depend greatly on how expensive it is. We’d love to see it hitting the shelves with a lower price tag than other ultrabooks. Stay tuned for the full review.

You can get this laptop for a whooping N250,000.00..oops 😮

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In all, sumamrizing now, the Good 🙂  & the Bad 😦

Good: Ultra thin, very light, i Series processors, SSD, HDMI, USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt ports

Bad: Half size enter key, ports round the back could be annoying

Report by @demsenforever for Dashawn Enterprise

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PC vs iPad

Good day people, today, I will be bringing you something interesting…It is a topic that most of us have actually discussed with peeps around us, and if not, you must have fought the thought in your minds.

Yes! An Apple iPad and a traditional PC, which would you prefer and your reasons. Personally, with gadgets, I can say initially, I am always fascinated about a particular gadget and after a while, I get tired of it. This I have confirmed using an iPad, but when I use an android tablet, I still have more to do…it makes me feel I am on a real PC 🙂

To be sincere, I do most of the stuffs I do on a PC, like writing e-mails, writing articles, “IM-ing” colleagues and friends, etc. While I can do all these on an iPad, every single one of them is more efficient to do on a normal computer. With a very good ultrabook, I can do all these and the device is just as portable and convenient as the iPad. I have tried to think and re-think when I would prefer an iPad over a PC. But….. *sigh*

PC vs iPad

I will be pointing out some instances where the iPad “rules” over a traditional PC.

1.       Meetings:

Many early iPad users were executives and business moguls. These set of people quickly discovered the iPad was the perfect device to use as they spend their whole day in meetings. Pulling up calendars, PDFs and other document is great. Even for smaller meetings, the iPad can work as a show-and-tell device that can replace a PowerPoint and a projector. The ease of using the iPad in this setting makes it a great device to use.

2.       Relaxing and getting things done simultaenously:

Comparing a television and a PC, analysts have tried to see how people watch TVs and use their PCs at the same time. They came out as the PC being a “lean-forward” device (for doing something active) and a TV being a “lean-back” device (for doing something more passive). People started doing both at a time, they position their PCs where they can watch the TVs at the same time, use their smartphones to send mails and chat. Well, when the iPad came out, this was a perfect reason to get it, as they can do all these things on the iPad without stress, still maintaining their positions.

3.       Air travels:

Imagine yourself in a plane and you have a laptop, let’s say a 15.6” laptop. How comfortable would you be if you try to fit the PC on the tray in front of you. The person next to you can see all you are doing on your computer and you will definitely bump elbows with him/her. Scrap that thought…….see this….an iPad, with its form factor and portability, you can keep what you are doing away from that nosy neighbor of yours. Also, think of battery life; if you are on an international flight. An iPad would definitely give you more output than a PC that would last between 1-3 hours.


With all these explanations, is the iPad really sending traditional PCs into the caves? I would say NO!!! Though the iPad has given remarkable inpact in the gadget world tripling expectatiions in just over 2 years of its roll out, traditional PCs are also selling worldwide in great numbers.

Over the next couple of years, I am sure it would be interesting to watch whether Intel’s approach with its ultrabook/tablet combos, Microsoft with Windows 8 and Android tablet makers with  its transformer line would be able to gain transaction against the iPad with devices that try to combine the best of both worlds from a tablet and a PC.

My opinion…I still prefer my traditional PC. They rock!!! \=D/ What about you?

This is me… @demsenforever for Dashawn Enterprise.

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World IPv6 Day

Hi everyone, yeah it has been a while, but I guess I am back 🙂 . Well, there is an important issue I will be discussing today. It is very important because it will be legendary and a long lasting solution to the few problems we are having in the IT world.

We know about IP Addressing…I guess…well, an IP Address of a computer or any device connected to a network; be it the internet or the intranet is the identity of the device.

For a while now, we have been using a version called Ipv4. Ipv4 is a 32 bit address, giving a total of 4,294,967,296 (232) addresses. Facts have it that as at April 2011, Asia ran out of IP addresses, Europe is close to running out, and   North America is getting o that limit.

To this effect, world powers had to come together and bring up a technology. This technology has been introduced many years back, but has not been widespread. This is the Ipv6 addressing.


The Ipv6 addressing is a 128-bit addressing. So that gives us an address space of 2128 (approximately 3.4×1038) addresses. This is a whole lot and it is being introduced gradually. It might be new, unpopular and complicated to the “not-nerdy” ones, but it has its benefits.

I will be giving 5 points to back up my support for the Ipv6 technology. I will try my best to be plain in my explanations.

1. More Efficient Routing: IPv6 reduces the size of routing tables and makes routing more efficient and hierarchical. IPv6 allows ISPs to aggregate the prefixes of their customers’ networks into a single prefix and announce this one prefix to the IPv6 Internet.

2. Directed Data Flows: IPv6 supports multicast rather than broadcast. Multicast allows bandwidth-intensive packet flows (like multimedia streams) to be sent to multiple destinations simultaneously, saving network bandwidth.

3. Simplified Network Configuration: Address auto-configuration (address assignment) is built in to IPv6. A router will send the prefix of the local link in its router advertisements. A host can generate its own IP address from its MAC (physical) address.

4. Support for New Services: By eliminating Network Address Translation (NAT), true end-to-end connectivity at the IP layer is restored, enabling new and valuable services. Peer-to-peer networks are easier to create and maintain, and services such as VoIP and Quality of Service (QoS) become more robust.

5. Security: IPSec, which provides confidentiality, authentication and data integrity, is baked into in IPv6. Because of their potential to carry malware, IPv4 ICMP packets are often blocked by corporate firewalls, but ICMPv6, the implementation of the Internet Control Message Protocol for IPv6, may be permitted because IPSec can be applied to the ICMPv6 packets.

So there are probable questions to ask….

Q: So why don’t we just switch?
A: The depletion of IPv4 addresses was predicted years ago, so the switch has been in progress for the last decade. However, progress has been slow — only a small fraction of the web has switched over to the new protocol. In addition, IPv4 and IPv6 essentially run as parallel networks — exchanging data between these protocols requires special gateways.

To make the switch, software and routers will have to be changed to support the more advanced network. This will take time and money.

Q: How will this affect me?
A: Initially, it won’t have a major impact on your life. Most operating systems actually support IPv6, including Mac OS X 10.2 and Windows XP SP 1. However, many routers and servers don’t support it, making a connection between devices with IPv6 addresses to routers or servers that only supports IPv4 impossible. IPv6 is also still in its infancy; it has a lot of bugs and security issues that still need to be fixed, which could result in one giant mess.

Nobody’s sure how much the transition will cost or how long it will take, but it has to be done in order for the web to function as it does today.

To popularize this technology, there was World IPv6 Day that held last year on June 8, in which world giants, Google, Facebook, etc ran on IPv6 solely on that day and it ran very fine.

World IPv6 day is holding again on Wednesday, 6th of June, 2012 and many more giants are going to be involved.

This is me… @demsenforever for Dashawn Enterprise.

I cannot end this without giving credit to @G_O_J_O for giving an insight to this post.

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#Pc Clinic Abuja Edition

It’s a First of it’s Kind at Abuja City Nigeria Africa… and it’s Brought to You by DaShawn Ent 🙂

Dashawn’s  PC Clinic is holding in Abuja on the 5th of May, 2012. City Park, off Ahmadu Bello Way, Wuse II, Abuja. Features will include FREE antivirus updates FOR  laptops, iphones, blackberry…Also FREE  3D High-Definition Games to play live @ the venue , Free Laptop Troubleshooting and Many More Freebies |  Sales and Repairs.

Don’t miss it.

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Buying your new PC

The main thing to think about when buying a laptop is what you are going to be using it for. It does not make sense to buy a laptop of more than N350k that could teleport you to that place of your fantasy when all you need to do is some word processing and play some music.

In computing, there are types of users, depending on what you do with your PC.

  1. Regular
  2. Multimedia
  3. Traveler
  4. Gamer

Almost all laptops nowadays come with inbuilt wireless technology, hard drive and sound card, the difference between the thousands of models you will find are really little. I will be taking these divisions one after the other, so you will see where you fall in and get yourself informed next time you want to get that next computer. While the prices of the computers speak a lot about them, there is no harm to shop around.

1.       Regular 

Well, yes…the regular person who just surfs the web, watch movies, listen to music….picking a few of the plenty “little” things he/she does, this is your category. Most people in this group don’t know exactly what they want; in fact the interesting thing is that they have the “bar”, but at the end, they are pushed by the sales person to spend a lot more to get something more sophisticated.

–          Pricing: Don’t pay so much for this kind of computer, let’s say about 90-95k (naira) for a notebook, and as low as 60k (naira) for a netbook. Either of them will satisfy you.

–          Memory: You can do with 1GB ram or 2GB to have a smooth experience.

–          Graphics: Well…trust me, for the little things you want to do, all you need is an integrated (shared) graphics. It shares memory with the operating system.

Err….don’t expect playing any HD games….but you can do a lot of  solitaire and zuma!!!

2.       Multimedia

If you do some photo editing or video editing, and you are building a career out of it, this is where you fall. These files are in large sixes and take lots of space.

–          Memory: This should be taken into good consideration. You will need 4GB of RAM. This should be ok

–          Graphics: For video and photo editing, you will need a dedicated graphics card memory in the range of 128MB and 1GB.

–          Processor: You will need to go for a computer with a high processing power. Think of one of the i-series for Intel and their AMD equivalents.

3.       Traveler

Here you need something light in weight and small in size. Nowadays, there are notebooks and netbooks with batteries that can provide plenty hours of battery life after charging.

–          Weight: You will ensure you have an extremely light laptop to ease your movement. Let’s say weight of about 2kg or less.

–          Battery Life: there are laptops of 8 hours battery around; even some of 12 hours are surfacing around. You will need to get a laptop that can offer you a considerable amount of hours while discharging.

–          Size: Let’s simply say screen size. 12”, 13”…..the smaller it gets the better for you. If you are a regular user but you travel a lot, a netbook will be preferable.

–          Hard drive: All you need is a hard drive size of about 160GB

In addition, you can consider a tablet as it can do all your computing needs. Think of the Android based or the Apple Ipad. All you need to do is to install the right apps that you need, and of course, it is portable.

4.       Gamer

There a few ones that will fall in this category, if you do, I won’t be sentimental about it….game machines are very expensive and there is no way around it. You will need high specifications and they don’t come cheap.

–          Size: You will need a large screen…don’t call it “portable” coz they aren’t portable. It could be thick….deal with it…just know that you’ve got the goods.

–          Processor: You will need a quadcore processor, also known as a chip with 4 processors running. This is ideal and it is becoming really common in most gaming machines.

–          Graphics: You will need a fully dedicated HD graphics to experience the best graphics a game has to offer. Nothing less than 1GB graphics dedicated memory is ideal.

–          Memory: Go for the highest…4GB, 6GB, and 8GB

I hope i have been able to help you streamline the list of the computers you are thinking of buying, and i really hope you can make a good choice after reading this post.

Report by @demsenforever for Dashawn Enterprise

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Hello everyone, how have we been? Today I will be sharing a very new topic. Well, not really new. It is “Pinterest”. Pinterest is a social service that allows users to create and manage carefully arranged image collections.  It is like connecting things you find interesting and then make the world see them.

Each user can make theme based image boards, tweaking them with images found online and using the “Pin it” button or uploaded from a computer. Each uploaded item is called a “Pin”. It could be a picture, a video or a discussion. Pinterest can be accessed by adding the “Pin it” button to the desktop bookmark bar, “follow me” and “pin it” buttons added to personal websites or blog pages.

  • Registration

Registration might be a bit difficult, as many of us knew when Google plus arrived, we had to be invited to actually have full access to the features and benefits. Yes, Pinterest is in the same mould. You get invitation from already registered users or directly from the Pinterest website. The registration process is simple as you can link your Pinterest account with your Facebook or twitter account.

  • Catchy or not?

Well, from my experience and reviews, Pinterest has a beautiful and attractive look and very easy to use. Lately, it is becoming a business model as it is emerging rapidly than some other social networks. Most of the content on Pinterest is about products like furniture, clothes, books and so on… The way they are arranged makes it like a very attractive catalogue and a great social experience.

What to like about Pinterest

  • Organized Inspiration: Pinterest is like the inspiration board you have in your room but this is more organized. You can upload a certain image and then on later days, find a similar image and then pin it to that specific board. The interface is easy to understand and no matter your interests, making boards will never be a problem.
  • Easy Pinning: Once you set up your Pinterest account, you will be given the steps to take in installing the “Pin it” button on your web browser. You can use this button to add a picture to your board from any website you are visiting. You can also “re-pin” your pin just like twitter’s “Retweet”.
  • Easy sharing: There is also the fact that you can share very easily on Pinterest. You can share with twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

What not to like about Pinterest

  • It is a time sucker: It takes just one visit to the Pinterest site and you will understand the reason why it is really time taking. Presently we already have social network sites that distract us and keep us up at odd hours. So if you get an addiction to this, don’t say I didn’t tell you.
  • Copyright and violations: Pinterest is a copyright nightmare for artists, photographers, bloggers, and anyone else who is interested in protecting their images from being used improperly. Pinterest members often make the mistake of pinning images they find online without giving credit to the source and linking back to its original site. Although there is the advantage of the image being linked to the source if you “pinned: the image from a website.
  • Lack of privacy settings: Pinterest banks on your interest in sharing with others and makes it nearly impossible to have a private profile. Your pinboards are open for the world to see and vice-versa. To make matters worse, users who create their Pinterest profiles through Facebook will automatically follow people with common connections because the site now has access to your online information.

For our regular visitors, there was a recent post on Instagram which is very similar to Pinterest. As we can see, social networks will always be around for a while, they aren’t going anywhere. Do we join all? Well, the real catch of Pinterest is that it can be used as a business avenue, you can sell your pins.It is fun, it is creative and interesting. Well, am going to Pin, pin and Pin on my board!

So to get an invite from us at Dashawn Enterprise, follow us on twitter @dashawnent and send your email address to us. You will be sent an invite ASAP.

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